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Eat Right Naija White-bean-mash-and-pepper-sauce_1x   White bean mash with pepper sauce (ewa agoyin)A healthier take on ewa agoyin, using a fraction of the oil typically used in the agoyin pepper sauce. Bell peppers bring a touch of sweetness to the sauce, which takes centre stage against the backdrop of white beans. Serve with poached greens for extra nutrients and a touch of colour.
Eat Right Naija Mushroom-quinoa-brussels-sprouts_1   Mushroom quinoa with roasted brussels sproutsProtein-packed, fibre-rich quinoa is steeped in the full-bodied flavour of shiitake mushrooms, brightened up with mixed veggies, and served with a side of spicy roasted brussels sprouts (rich in vitamin C and K). A drizzle of homemade tangy tahini dressing brings the dish together nicely.
Eat Right Naija Beans-pottage-with-cashews_1   Stewed beans & cashew with spicy plantainThis recipe takes classic beans and plantain to the next level, without the need for palm oil. Palm fruit extract lends a lovely creaminess, while cashews add a delicate sweetness and texture. And to top it off, ginger-spiced baked plantain.
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