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Eat Right Naija was created to help people like myself who want to improve their diet, lose weight, get healthier and still enjoy great tasting food. Sounds ambitious, but through personal experience I’ve discovered that it’s possible (and dare I say easy?) to achieve if you eat a whole foods, plant based diet (wfpb).

Eating whole foods means avoiding processed, refined foods as much as possible. A plant-based diet contains little or no food from animal sources, i.e. meat, fish, eggs, and dairy.

Why wfpbStudy after study has found that people who follow a whole foods, plant-based diet (vegetarians and vegans) tend to live longer and have lower rates of lifestyle diseases than people who consume animal proteins. This is literally the healthiest way to eat. And best of all, it’s not a crash diet – it’s a lifestyle that will help you achieve and maintain your optimal weight and overall wellbeing long term.

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The “plant-based” part may sound unattainable if you are not prepared to give up meat, fish, eggs and dairy. However, you do not necessarily have to eat 100% plant-based in order to be healthy. Although 100% plants is ideal, a 90-95% plant based diet is sufficient to avoid the major health risks of animal protein consumption. In practice, this means reducing your intake of animal proteins to a single serving once or twice a week.

In addition to recipes for delicious wfpb meals, on this website you will also find health and wellness tips, a vegan cleanse programme to refresh your health journey, and a directory of places to shop and eat healthy.

We’re fully committed to helping you achieve your health goals, one delicious meal at a time!


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