Find out how to make delicious plant based meals you can enjoy every day
Mixed vegetable gravy sauceA hearty Asian-inspired sauce to pair with baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, rice, bulgur wheat, or even pasta.
Chickpea spaghetti stir-fryAn easy veggie stir-fry you can make with spaghetti and whatever vegetables you have on hand, with chickpeas for some extra protein
Red lentil stewLentils are not just a great vegan source of protein, they are also rich in iron, B vitamins, and important micro-nutrients such as zinc and copper. The texture of the lentil stew plays off well with either brown or white rice.
Tomato cabbage stewCabbage adds a delightful chunkiness to this low oil tomato stew, as well as fibre to keep you full on fewer calories. Mushrooms add a 'meaty' dimension.
Edikang-ikong soup with black mushrooms {oilless}Roasted ukwa and black fungus mushrooms add a phenomenal earthy flavour and crunchy texture to this highly nutritious leafy green soup. Palm fruit puree is used in place of palm oil for an oil free recipe.
Okra soup with Veg MeatMasala spices bring a wonderful aroma to this okra soup. The chunky texture is achieved by slicing (not grating) the okra, and adding Veg Meat (a wheat and soy based meat substitute). Enjoy with your choice of swallow.
Spicy fried lentils and brown riceA hearty meal based on mujaddara, a traditional Lebanese recipe. Brown rice and lentils are fried until lightly crispy with caramelised onions and garlic.
Stewed beans with cashews and kale {low oil}Bell peppers and cashews add a mild sweetness to this healthy stewed beans (AKA ewa riro) recipe. Already rich in protein, the addition of sweet potatoes and kale further elevates the nutritional profile of this low oil dish.
Chickpea flatbread with sweet pepper sauceBored of pancakes? Try these crispy flatbreads - a kind of savoury pancake made with chickpea flour. Use the flatbreads to scoop up a hearty sauce like this wonderfully chunky bell pepper and tomato sauce.
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