Find out how to make delicious plant based meals you can enjoy every day
Eat Right Naija White-bean-mash-and-pepper-sauce_1x   White bean mash with pepper sauce (ewa agoyin)A healthier take on ewa agoyin, using a fraction of the oil typically used in the agoyin pepper sauce. Bell peppers bring a touch of sweetness to the sauce, which takes centre stage against the backdrop of white beans. Serve with poached greens for extra nutrients and a touch of colour.
Eat Right Naija Mushroom-quinoa-brussels-sprouts_1   Mushroom quinoa with roasted brussels sproutsProtein-packed, fibre-rich quinoa is steeped in the full-bodied flavour of shiitake mushrooms, brightened up with mixed veggies, and served with a side of spicy roasted brussels sprouts (rich in vitamin C and K). A drizzle of homemade tangy tahini dressing brings the dish together nicely.
Eat Right Naija Beans-pottage-with-cashews_1   Stewed beans & cashew with spicy plantainThis recipe takes classic beans and plantain to the next level, without the need for palm oil. Palm fruit extract lends a lovely creaminess, while cashews add a delicate sweetness and texture. And to top it off, ginger-spiced baked plantain.
Eat Right Naija Mushroom-efo-riro_eatrightnaija_feature   Mushroom efo riroFree of meat, but far from bland, brown lentils and mushrooms give this vegetable stew the lovely earthy flavour and chunkiness we all love in efo riro.
Eat Right Naija Veggie-pot-pies_4   Sweet potato pot piesThese cute little healthy pies are filled with a variety of tasty veggies, baked into a sweet potato crust. They're fancy enough to serve to guests, yet quick and easy enough for a weekday dinner.
Eat Right Naija Okra-jollof-rice_1   Okra jollof riceAdding okra elevates the familiar jollof rice to new flavour heights. Make the jollof with brown rice, and you have a high-fibre, nutritional winner.
Eat Right Naija Brown-rice-quinoa-pilaf_2   Brown rice & quinoa pilafSimilar to fried rice, this low oil, high fibre alternative is rich in protein and full of flavour! If you're had enough of fried rice, try pilaf.